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Research at LETS

Several research projects are conducted at LETS Bonn! To find out more about one of the projects, click on the picture.

 DM picture

Demokratisierung und Machtstrukturen (Democratization and Power Structures) is an interdisciplinary project that investigates societal change in recent decades.

 SILC Picture

Sociocultural impact on language change (SILC) investigates how democratization has influenced the language over the past decades.

Exit Picture

Explicitation in translation (ExiT) deals with the question of explicitation as a universal in translation.

 Grammatical change

Late stages and losses in grammatical change traces the processes typical of later stages of grammaticalization and other types of grammatical change.

 Change through Transl.

Language variation and change through translation investigates how translation can lead to changes in the target language.

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